Hair: Brown   -   Eyes: Brown  -   Height: 5’7”  -   Voice: Mezzo Sop.



Junk Drawer Magical Adventures  Recurring Guest Star Universal Kids

The Chica Show                            Series Regular      NBC/Sprout

Jimmy Kimmel Live                       Featured               ABC

Prank Street                                  Recurring              DreamworksTV

Fully Grown Adults                        Guest-Star            Boxenbaum

Comedians On...                           Recurring              Equals Three

Adopted                                        Guest-Star             Dir. James R.W. Hiatt

How We Felt  (Pilot)                      Series Regular      Fusion              

Carseat Stories                             Series Regular      Jellyman Productions

Method or Madness                      Co-Star                  Rare View Films

The Sharing Show                        Series Regular      Sprout

Sunny Side Up Show                    Host                      Sprout

Philliesradio                                   Host                      CBS/StreetTalkin' 



Victor Crowley                        Supporting        Ariescope / Dir. Adam Green

Rekindled (Short)                   Lead                 Dir. Erin Brown

Break: The Musical                Supporting        Dir. Dale Fabrigar

Georgie & Rachel  (Short)     Supporting        AFI / Mia Neibrugge

Discernment                           Supporting       AFI / Rosita Lama Muvdi

Burning Love                          Lead                 AFI / Lucy McKendrick

Lend a Helping Hand             Lead                 Sprout / PBS Kids

Two/Thirty (Short)                  Supporting        Fretboard / John Rhee



24-7 Comedy Radio                Host/Writer                Clear Channel

The Chica Show (animation)   Lead                          NBC/Sprout

The Sharing Show                   6 Character Voices   Sprout

Preschool Musical on a Stick  7 Character Voices    Sprout

Comcast Xfinity On Demand   Narration                   Comcast

Renee Salons                          Narration                   FLL Prod.



Laurelly (Improv Duo) - Record holder for most wins at the iOWest Main Stage Improv Cage Match

Shakespeare Extempore (Shakespearean Improv) - iOWest

Lady Invitational: Diary Show - The Pack Theatre

ComedySportz Los Angeles Main Stage Cast Member

Fanny Mae Bakersfield Self-Help Hour (Character Sketch) - The Pack Theatre

Tiny Muscles (House Sketch Team) - The Pack Theatre

Baby Wants Candy (Understudy) - Upright Citizens Brigade, Los Angeles

*and various other indie groups


THEATRE - Partial List

Our Show of Shows                  Cast Member/Writer   1812 Productions

Laughter on the 23rd Floor       Helen                          1812 Productions

Slasher                                      8 Characters               Luna Theatre Company

Disney’s High School Musical   Sharpay Evans           Center Theatre

Fathers and Sons                     Calamity Jane             Iron Age Theatre

Medea                                       Medea                        Pros from Dover

The Desk Set                            Sadel Meyer               Montgomery Theater

Comedy of Errors                      Luciana                       Powel Crosley Theatre Co

Psychopathia Sexualis              Ellie                             Montgomery Theater

Romeo and Juliet                      Mercutio                      PRF Productions

Romeo and Juliet                      Juliet                           Rude Segue Productions

Much Ado About Nothing          Margaret                     Powel Crosley Theatre Co.

Comedy of Errors                      Luciana                       PRF Productions

Tartuffe                                      Elmire                          Pioneer Theatre

Fiddler on the Roof                    Tzeitel                         Pioneer Theatre

A Midsummer Night’s Dream     Helena                        Pioneer Theatre


COMMERCIAL - Partial List 

Geico (National)                                 1880's Actor (Speaking) The Martin Agency

Bounty (National)                               Mom (Speaking)             Dir. Nick Spooner

National Geographic (International)   Girlfriend (Speaking)      Big Smack

Green is Universal (National)             As Self (Speaking)         NBC Universal

Pet Smart (National)                           Veterinarian (Speaking)  Studio Ten

Penske(National)                                Wife (Dancing)                NFL Productions

Big Brothers Big Sisters (National)    Sponsor (Speaking)        FMP Productions



Malone University, BFA in Communication Arts

Film: Los Angeles Film Studies Center in Hollywood, CA

Acting: Lesly Kahn and Company 

Improv: Upright Citizen's Brigade - Advanced, Miles Stroth

Sketch: Upright Citizen's Brigade - Advanced, Miles Stroth



Irene Ryan Scholarship Nominee - KCACTF

Open Frame Film Festival - Best Actress



Musical Improv, Stand-Up, Joke Writing, Puppeteering, Storytelling, Good With Kids and Animals (not that they're the same), Running, Cycling, Swimming, Yoga, Hula-Hooping, Knitting, Basic Ukulele, Basic Tap Dance, 3 Ball Juggling, Valid Drivers License and U.S. Passport, Dialects: American Southern, Mid-Western, Brooklyn, Upper Class British, Cockney, Irish, New Zealand

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