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  • Before I became a television host, writer and star of The Chica Show and host/joke writer for 24-7 Comedy Radio, I rocketed into the entertainment industry by producing, directing and starring in an original production of The Wizard of Oz.  It took place in my living room.  I was 4. Critics called this breakthrough performance, "Cute... but you're supposed to be in bed".

  • I was an original cast member of the first national LIVE program for preschoolers, The Sunny Side Up Show (for which I won a Kids Screen award for Best Host) and went on to write for and star in The Chica Show on Sprout and NBCKids.  

  • Over the past year, my original online sketches have garnered over 3 million views on Facebook.

  • I've developed several comedy series, an unscripted series and just finished writing my first feature script. For more info, please reach out via the "Contact" tab. 

  • I wrote 9 episodes of The Chica Show and spent three years as a comedy writer/host for 24-7 Comedy Radio. My short stories have been featured in The Huffington Post as well as Grown Up Story Time, and


  • I'm a busy sketch and improv comedian who performs regularly in LA with my sketch group, Tiny Muscles and my improv duo Laurelly, with Lauren Pritchard (MADtv). Laurelly is the record holder for most wins in the famous iOWest improv Cage Match - we won 69 times!


  • Raised in Mansfield, Ohio, I quickly learned that hard work pays off, and you can always blame weird smells on cows.  After graduating from Malone University with a B.A. in Communication Arts , I glamorously toured with Grant McTinncan, my Ford Focus.  I sang, danced and acted my way through theatre companies around the U.S and Cananda and have appeared in 7 national commercials.  

True facts about Me:

  • I competed in public speaking competitions in grade school and went to the state level multiple times.

  • At the age of 15 I was voted "Miss Personality" at the Miss Ohio Teen pageant, probably because I was shorter and chubbier than the other contestants.

  • As a kid, I dreamed of becoming a cartoon animator and created a comic strip called "The Pea Heads" while doodling in church.  The Pea Heads were a family of characters with peas for heads.  Don't steal this idea.  It's sure to be the next Simpsons.

  • I originally wore pig tails to my Sprout audition to cover up a bad hair day.  They "tested well" so I was stuck wearing pigtails on the show for 6 years. 


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